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The Underlying Causes of OVERUSE

Low Energy Intake / Low Energy Availability (LEA):  The amount of dietary energy (calories) consumed by the athlete is insufficient in meeting the demands of optimal health and the performance demands of training & competition.

Frequent, Repetitive Training:  All athletes have an age defined limitation to the amount of time they can spend in activity without overdoing it.  Early sport specialization dramatically increases the risk of injury.

Sleep Deprivation:  Schedules loaded with school, homework, training, competition, and travel leave little time for healing and recovery.  As a result, physical, mental, and emotional health suffer and the risk of injury skyrockets.

Dehydration:   Low body water limits muscle strength and the transport of oxygen, water, and nutrients compromising cellular health.  Slowed energy production and healing cause fatigue and the signs and symptoms of overuse.

“(LEA) low energy availability is the primary cause of OVERUSE.” -Dr. Johnson

Signs & Symptoms of OVERUSE

Lack of Improvement or Decline in Performance

Muscle Aches & Pain

Frequent Fatigue

Frequent Point Tenderness or Swelling

Frequent Joint Stiffness

Burnout or Depression

Easily Overwhelmed, Stressed or Anxious

Difficulty Falling Asleep or Staying Asleep

Difficulty Maintaining Desired Weight

Frequent Illnesses

Irregular Menstrual Cycles / Missed Periods

Recurring Injuries

Delays in Recovery

Constipation or Diarrhea

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