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soccer player truchiropractors

Immediate Relief.
Lasting Results.

Our holistic approach will help you recover from overuse injury and return to the field of play. 

The OVERUSE Epidemic

Now more than ever the health and well-being of athletes is being compromised by an epidemic of preventable overuse injuries.  When the cumulative stress from frequent, repetitive training exceeds the body’s ability to recover; muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones begin to degrade and weaken.  This leaves athletes susceptible to serious injury and poor performance.  


Clubs, coaches, parents, and athletes are ill-equipped to address the holistic nature of these injuries. As a result, a vicious cycle of band-aid fixes that prolong injuries and result in lost practice and playing time has developed.

“For most athletes the question isn’t ‘If’ they’ll get hurt, it’s ‘when’.”  Dr. Johnson

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