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Consequences of OVERUSE in Female Athletes

The damage caused by OVERUSE in female athletes is not just structural.  If left untreated, long term impairments to metabolism, menstrual function & reproductive health, bone health, immunity, protein synthesis, and cardiovascular health may occur.

Performance and Health Consequences of Low Energy Availability (LEA) In Competitive Athletes

ARE YOU AT RISK?   Take this quiz to find out.

-US Olympic Committee Nutrition Team Summary


The Low Energy Availability in Females (LEAF-Q) questionnaire is the most widely accepted screening tool for the identification of female athletes at risk for the female athlete triad. The triad consists of:

  • Disordered Eating:  unintentionally or intentionally under consuming dietary energy leaving the body in a low energy state (LEA).

  • Amenorrhea:  the loss of menstrual periods or delay of the first menstrual period caused by low energy availability.

  • Low Bone Density or Osteoporosis:  a decrease in bone density that causes weak, brittle bones that break easily.

SCORE:                  RISK LEVEL:

0-7                         Minimal Risk for Triad

8-16                       At Risk for Triad

17+                          High Risk for Triad

Every athlete risks injury, poor performance, and long term health consequences when they train and compete without proper guidance on how to fuel themselves to meet their cumulative energy demands for optimal health & performance.


Our multidisciplinary approach addresses the three components of the female athlete triad; low energy status, irregular menses, and bone health.  Once energy balance is restored it is possible to restore normal menstrual and bone health.

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